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Trumpet Leather Plunger Mute


Leather plunger mute, lightweight trumpet mute with a magnet, leather magnetic mute for a sharper sound

  • Interior and exterior are made of genuine leather
  • Compact, lightweight and unbreakable
  • Equipped with an elastic for a better fixing on the hand
  • Built-in magnet in the elastic for an easy placing on the music stand
  • Provides an accurate and sharp sound
  • Excellent accessory for making your performance more vivid and interesting

Product description

Our leather plunger mute combines convenience with well-thought characteristics for improving your performance. Due to the leather layer inside, the mute provides a much sharper sound than trumpet mutes with the textile inside layers. The properties of leather help to reflect the sound much better and achieve more interesting sonic effects. What you definitely notice during the practice is more accuracy and rough sounding.  

Somehow, due to its form, this leather mute resembles a traditional jazz mute, which is rather popular among jazz men. However, apart from rubber and metal models, it doesn’t add extra weight that is very appreciated if you’re going on tours.  It also keeps its form and properties even if you drop it.

As this is a magnetic mute, you won’t face any inconvenience during the concert – with the help of a built-in magnet in the elastic you can place it on the music stand fast as soon as you need free hands and then quickly use it again to switch between the timbres. The elastic allows reliable fixing the mute on fingers instead of holding it that brings additional comfort for trumpeters. With the help of our leather trumpet mute, you get more possibilities for experiments and making your music thrilling and emotional.

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