Trumpet Valve Guard XL


Product description

This trumpet valve guard XL is aimed at providing even more protection to the important parts of your trumpet. Unlike the regular valve guards, this one has additional petals to prevent the damage to the lead pipe, when you hold the trumpet with your left hand. Therefore, with this larger model, you can protect the valves, lead pipe, bell pipe, and 3rd valve slide finishes all together and not worry about the negative impact from sweat or rubbing. The inner side of the valve protector XL is made of mild material that absorbs moisture and doesn’t leave scratches on finishes.

As for the finishes, this valve guard is suitable for all types. However, when using it with the raw brass and silver, we recommend removing the accessory after each practice session to let it dry from absorbed moisture and prevent the oxidation of the finish. The valve guard can serve for 5-10 years depending on how often you use it. When the leather looks worn out, you need to replace the old valve protector with the new one to provide the instrument with the further protection.

Although genuine leather is appealing itself, you can make the accessory more customized by ordering additional decoration with embossed initials, names or full names (up to 20 English symbols). We can emboss only capital letters, both capital and small letters, or small letters only. Feel free to let us know your desires.

  • High-level protection for the most important trumpet areas: valves, lead pipe, bell pipe, and 3rd valve slide finishes
  • Made of neat and nice-to-touch Italian leather
  • Specially designed petals cover parts, mostly exposed to rubbing and sweat from hands
  • Comfortable grip due to the thinness of the material
  • Easy closure with Velcro
  • Available in bright and restrained colors
  • Serves up to 5-10 years depending on the frequency of use
  • Customization available (optional): leather embossing
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