Flugelhorn Gig Bag Crazy Horse Leather


Product description

This leather bag for a flugelhorn is what demanding musicians from busy big cites will definitely like. We incorporated rich materials, unique style and practical features. Every part of it, from attractive exterior to a reliable furniture, is made with an idea to create a flugelhorn bag for a comfortable carrying in big cities, especially for travelling in the subway, by train, or bus. Reinforced side and smooth fabric inside provide the instrument with a total protection from damage.

What’s more, you can carry this bag in both positions: a handle makes it suitable for a vertical carrying, while a shoulder strap allows wearing it horizontally. You can also wear it as a backpack, by attaching another strap to an additional D-ring.

What you might notice immediately is an interesting form of the side, resembling a porthole of the ship. In order to make this part strong, we reinforced it, so your flugelhorn is absolutely safe during travelling. Additionally, the bag contains a pocket for various accessories.

• Made of genuine leather (Crazy Horse type) – visual attraction and reliability for years, smooth and durable leather
• Compact dimensions – meets the expectation of the trumpeters from big cities
• Two carrying positions – equipped with a handle for vertical carrying; curved handles and a strap for horizontal position
• Reliable YKK zippers
• Side pocket for holding small things you need
• Shoulder strap and D-ring for an additional strap – help to easily turn the bag into a backpack
• Reinforced side of the porthole-like form for a better protection
• Interior design with mild material

Size: 50*29*17 cm

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