Hello, dear friends! My name is Maksim Gopanchuk. I’m the founder of the MGLeatherWork brand and this shop. Here you can find a wide range of good-looking, stylish and well-thought-out accessories made of genuine leather and aimed at the musicians who play different musical instruments.
The music has always been my major passion. I’ve been a professional musician all my life. Since the early years, I have played in the orchestra, then I gained my knowledge at R.Glier Kyiv Institute of Music. I was working as a teacher, was lucky enough to collaborate with many talented musicians and work in various music styles.
Nowadays I’m also the owner of the music shop. My work involves close collaboration and interaction with the aspiring and professional performers. This experience helps me to understand the real needs of musicians and offer goods, which they are looking for. We create our accessories paying attention to the smallest details and taking into account requirements and wishes of the musicians, who will use them. Our leather accessories are perfect as gifts for any jubilee and celebration.