5 best gift ideas for trumpet players

There are a plenty of things trumpet players need for pleasant practices and keeping their instrument stylish. They usually use a few mouthpieces, valve guards, mutes and bags. In order to provide the trumpet with good working condition, musicians need oil and care kit. Therefore, instead of buying low-grade lame souvenirs or typical Christmas things, it would be better to spend your money on something really essential and exclusive. Take a notice of these 5 brilliant gift ideas for trumpet players. They work well as an excellent surprise for Birthday, Christmas, New Year and other events.

  1. Trumpet valve guard. It’s designed to protect those parts of the trumpet which contact with hands and can be spoiled because of the sweat.Trumpet Valve Guard L by MG Leather Work
  2. Trumpet mouthpiece leather pouch. The mouthpiece is a very important part of the trumpet, which influences the sound and helps to make it more individual. Obviously, it requires a special care and appropriate place for storing. You can choose either a holder for 1, 2, 3, 4 or 7 mouthpieces, as a musician will probably need a few of them during concerts.Trumpet Mouthpiece Leather Pouch MG Leather Work
  3. Trumpet leather mute with built-in magnet. With its help, a trumpet player renders various emotions through his music by increasing or shortening the distance between the mute and the instrument. Made of leather, this mute neither takes much space nor adds weights to the luggage, and due to the magnet, it easily sticks to the stand.Trumpet Magnetic Leather Mute by MG Leather Work
  4. Single gig bag for trumpet. Usually, when a musician buys a trumpet he gets a hard case together with it, which is quite uncomfortable to travel with. Unlike hard cases, a leather bag is much stylish, lightweight and practical, complemented with comfortable handles, an adjustable strap for carrying as a backpack, reinforced side and a pocket for accessories.trumpet-single-gig-bag-mgleatherwork
  5. Double trumpet gig bag. If your friend or relative uses a few trumpets at the concerts, you need a well-designed double bag with enough space for keeping two instruments. It combines stylish exterior and practical functionality, and it fits the size limits of the hand-baggage.

You can choose any color of the leather for all these items to make them look luxury and stylish. We can also produce a customized version of valve guards, pouches, mutes and bags with name or initials embossed on the leather. These gift ideas will bring much joy for musicians on Father’s Day, Independence Day, Defenders day, Teachers’ Day, Music Day, Thanksgiving Day or Saint Patrick’s Day.