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Piccolo Trumpet Lead Pipes Holder Detroit Leather


Leather holder for piccolo trumpet pipes, piccolo trumpet pipes leather pouch, piccolo trumpet pipes pouch with magnetic clasp

  • Material: genuine leather
  • Closure: hidden magnetic clasp
  • Interior: mild lining
  • Compact and practical
  • Comfortable to use
  • Safe to carry in a piccolo trumpet case

Product description

Our piccolo trumpet pipes pouch attracts attention with its beautiful and neat design. Apart from an exclusive and unique appearance, a genuine leather provides a long-lasting life for a holder. It means you buy an accessory, aimed at serving for years, despite an active usage in everyday life and on tours.

A hidden magnetic clasp creates a reliable and safe closure. Any metal buttons or sharp parts don’t contact with the surface of the pipes and don’t damage them. The interior is made of a mild lining that doesn’t scratch the accessories during storing or transportation.

The compact size of this pouch allows it to fit in the piccolo trumpet case, so you can keep the instrument and the pipes together in one place without a risk that the pipes might damage the piccolo trumpet. Such a practical and compact leather holder is created to bring the best experience for trumpeters who appreciate high quality and stylish design.  

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