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Flute and Piccolo Flute Bag Flotar Leather


Product description (Flute bag for C or B foot)

We created this attractive bag for carrying everything you need: from music sheets A4 to laptop, and of course the bag is ready to become a reliable place for your flutes with C and B foot, and even piccolo flute. All these things fit perfectly together and you can take them wherever you go.

The bag is made of Flotar leather, known for its beautiful three-dimensional surface, soft texture and durability. Flotar comes in many color options, which provide you with a chance to find what fits your taste and individual style the most.

While the main compartment is designed for flutes, music sheets and a laptop, you can use other pockets for carrying various small things – we complemented the bag with one inside and one outside pocket.

The warming layer inside keeps your instrument safe from a sudden change in temperature. An adjustable strap makes it easier to regulate the length of the handle for a comfortable carrying on the shoulder.

  • Spacious main compartment for holding sheet music A4, a laptop, flutes with C and B foot, piccolo flute
  • Material: natural leather Flotar in a variety of color options
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • High quality snap hook and metal zipper
  • Outside pocket without zipper
  • Inside pocket for small accessories

Size: 44*26*7 cm

Product description (Piccolo Flute Bag)

The owners of a piccolo flute will appreciate a nice material in a variety of colors and pleasant to touch texture of this bag. Working on the design of our creation, we also kept in mind demanding tastes of women who’d like to look great at any time and occasion.  As a result, we created an all-purpose bag able to work well as a going-out bag, which creates an awesome pairing with the evening dress. Who won’t be happy with such a practical solution?  

The piccolo flute bag also contains small pockets (one inside and one outside) where you can keep documents, keys and other small important things you need in your life. We used a natural leather Flotar, ready to serve many years and stay attractive. This material in vivid colors creates an eye-catching combination with a metal chain.

  • Attractive, neat design
  • Durable and beautiful material – Flotar leather
  • Complemented with a metal chain
  • Outside and inside pockets for documents and small accessories
  • Can be used for carrying a piccolo flute or as a going-out bag

Size: 27*13.5*5.2 cm

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