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Flute Gig Bag Detroit Leather


Product description

This bag for flute is the result of a successful combination between practical solutions and beautiful material. It’s designed for a busy everyday’s life and comfortable travelling. You can put the flute in the hard case and then in this bag and hit the road! If you travel a lot or just tired of boring ordinary cases, this one won’t disappoint!

Our leather flute bag allows not only carrying your musical instrument comfortably, but also makes a stress on your personal style. In fact, this model has enough space for two flutes at once without the risk of damaging. The exterior material is mild enough to provide your musical instrument with a gentle care and security.

Each detail of the bag is created with attention and care about aesthetics. The metal zippers are equipped with leather straps, which complements the overall design. The leather material looks rich, appealing and is strong enough to serve you long.

The model is also equipped with a little side pocket, where you can put different accessories, such as a metronome, note sheets, a smartphone and even a packed lunch. This flute bag is available in different colours, as well as the shoulder strap can be of any design and colour you want. Grab your chance to look stylish and turn heads every time you leave the house with your flute!

  • Elegant and classy, designed for active and demanding women
  • Made of attractive genuine leather
  • One big pocket for two flutes
  • Inside pocket for accessories
  • Reliable metal zipper with leather straps
  • Available in a great variety of colours
  • The shoulder strap of any colour and design you like

Size: 44*16*15 cm

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