MG Leather Work

Bass bow double case

• Great for German bass bow and for French bass bow
• Made of genuine Crazy Horse leather
• Well-thought construction: rigid frame, soft lining, shoulder strap
• Suitable gift idea for musicians playing jazz, country, classical music
• Many color options
• Comfortable to carry
• Durable design

SIZE: 81*8*7 cm

Product description
We created a bass bow case of attractive and neat genuine leather Crazy horse to become a reliable shelter for your instrument. The Crazy Horse leather keeps its properties for a long lifetime, so you can enjoy its natural beauty even after years of active usage.
The shoulder strap provides you with a comfortable carrying, while due to the rigid frame the case keeps the form. A soft lining inside doesn’t leave scratches, providing your bass bow with a high-level of safety. A long-lasting attractive design and functionality are aimed to bring much happiness for musicians playing in various music styles. That’s why this case works well as a birthday gift or a nice surprise for a holiday.
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