Trombone Leather Magnetic Mute


MG Leather Work trombone mute, convenient plunger mute for trombone with a magnet

  • Practical and lightweight. Our trombone mute is very light, designed for musicians, who appreciate convenience and don’t want to carry heavy metal plungers.
  • Natural leather. Made of strong leather, it perfectly keeps its form and features, stays safe from damages. Unlike owners of metal plungers, you won’t face such an unpleasant problem as deformation.
  • Built-in magnet for sticking to the music stand. No need to hold the plunger in your hand – stick it to the music stand and switch between timbres in a second. It will provide more freedom for playing and help to focus on music.
  • Excellent sonic characteristics. The trombone plunger mute allows reaching various subtleties: you can keep the instrument in the short distance from the device and get more mute sound, or you can increase the distance and add a bit of natural sounds.
  • Useful for jazz effects and experiments in classical music. Thе MG Leather Work mute is designed to enhance the creative possibilities of the trombone section in bands, which play jazz or classical music. Changing the mute techniques from open to closed takes the emotions up to the new level as well as conveys the mood in the best way.

Product description

This lightweight and convenient in use trombone mute is aimed at enhancing sonic characteristics of your musical instrument and providing lots of pleasant features. Thе MG Leather Work plunger is made of leather, which is unbreakable and prevents any deformation. Due to the lightweight, you can always take it on tours with you. Even if you’re travelling with a small suitcase. Mild material allows it to keep your instrument safe, even if you carry the device and the trombone closely to each other.

Our mute is equipped with a magnet, so you can keep your hand free during the performance. You can hold it in your hand if you like, but if you want to feel in the state of flow and entirely focus on the music, stick the device to the music stand and enjoy your work. Keeping the hand free, it will be easier to change the timber – you need a second to do it!

Thе MG Leather Work trombone plunger mute helps to achieve a great effect musically and emotionally. Combining the closed and more open mute techniques, you’ll make your performance vivid and thrilling. It works very well for the bands where all the trombone section has such a device for making it possible to play in the same timbre. And the band can get a really awesome result if trumpeters also use the plunger mutes. Playing with the mute in different positions, jazz and classical musicians use the sound of the instrument in the same way as singers use their voices.

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