Wallet with a print of a jazz player on a double bass MG Leather Work

Personalized wallet for a jazz music lover, genuine embossed leather, customized gift for musicians
We are happy to present the personalized wallet decorated with an embossed picture of the jazz player on double bass. The wallet is made of genuine leather and complemented with a compartment for paper currency and four slots for credit cards. As this is the folding model, it does not take much space in your pocket or bag, but at the same time allows holding all essential things in one place. This leather accessory is a great way to demonstrate good taste, personal style, and status. It’s a perfect idea of a useful and pleasant gift for a jazz music lover. For all musicians and musicians for bass and contrabass players playing in bands. You can get it customized in the way you like – we can decorate the wallet with your or your friend’s name, surname, or initials, which will make it look more personal and unique.
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