About the quality of MG Leather products

We pride ourselves on the quality of our leather accessories. Developing each new item, we not only choose the best durable and classy materials, but also take into account the real needs of customers. Being musicians, we understand this world of needs and wishes from inside; we see the whole picture of what can improve the comfort and make life of the musician easier. Therefore, it’s possible for us to feel like being in our customers’ shoes.

We know that our buyers won’t spend much money on an empty shell, as well as won’t be happy with the product that doesn’t fit the instrument. We are making a deep research in order to create the accessories that perfectly fit the different models of trumpets, flutes, flugelhorns, saxophones and fulfill the function at the high level.Trumpet-magnetic-mute-by-MGLeatherWork

What values do we hold?

  • We shoulder responsibility for each customer’s request and order.
  • We use high quality materials certified in Europe
  • Depending on the product and purpose, we use a few types of premium leather: Crazy Horse, Detroit, Capra, Flotar
  • All our accessories are made with high quality threads from Europe, and have neat stitches
  • Leather bags and pouches are equipped with YKK zippers and embellishments
  • The interior and partitions of our bags are made of the very mild material, which protects the instrument from scratches
  • Our company works on customization of leather pouches, drum keyholders, bags, backpacks. We make them more personalized by embossing the initials, names and surnames on the leather surface. Embossing works better than laser engraving as it provides a raised image or text of a stunning look and a longer life. It also takes less time, so you can get your order much quicker.
Our company keeps the balance between reliability, long life, comfortable use and unique design. It identifies our priorities; we aim at the further collaboration and every happy customer keeps us motivated for developing new ideas.