What types of leather do we use?

In order to deliver high-end luxury products to our customers, we’re not limited to the one and only peculiar leather.  We use four different types of it, depending on what product we develop and for what purpose.

Crazy Horse

This leather is known for its beautiful appearance, softness, strength and durability. The basic material for Crazy Horse leather is the full-grain cowhide. All the magic is made by professionals, who firstly treat the material with wax and then buff it in order to increase water-resistant properties. The process of polishing applied to the leather helps to make it perfectly smooth. The name “Crazy Horse” is connected with the fact that this leather was widely used for saddle making because of the quality and toughness.  It’s easy to clean and care for – if you notice some water drops or spills on your leather accessories, just wipe them away with the napkin. It comes in different colors and hues, able to serve you long and keep its aesthetic design. trumpet magnetic mute by MG Leather Work

We use Crazy Horse leather for a wide range of classy accessories aimed at musicians, who play different instruments:

 For trumpet players:

For Saxophone players:

For drummers:

For trombone players


It’s a very stylish and expensive leather, targeted at the most demanding musicians, who care a lot about their personal brand. Detroit is characterized by such advantages as improved elasticity, beautiful natural texture. It helps us to give life to many luxury MG leather products, which you can use for years in your everyday practice, during gigs and in tours.Trumpet detroit gig bag by MG Leather Work

We use Detroit leather for producing:


This leather attracts our customers’ attention by the three-dimensional surface. Such a beautiful design goes well with the soft texture, ability of the material to breathe, elasticity and durability. Usually it has a matte surface, but it can also have an attractive glossy surface. All MG leather accessories made of Flotar have beautiful saturated colors – you can choose what works best for you among our offerings.Saxophone alto gig bag by MG Leather Work

We use Flotar leather for producing:


Very soft Italian leather with such advantages as breathable suede and pleasant to touch texture. It helps us to invent the durable, attractive and soft accessories aimed at a high-level protection of the important parts of your instrument. It doesn’t scratch the finish, provides a good grip and what’s more it’s available in various color options.Trumpet xl valve guard by MG Leather Work

Capra is used for producing such products, as:

MG leather accessories is about style, attraction and long life.  They can improve the way you feel and how other people perceive you.