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Article: Crazy Horse Leather: Why It's Ideal for Musicians

Crazy Horse Leather: Why It's Ideal for Musicians - MGLeatherWork

Crazy Horse Leather: Why It's Ideal for Musicians

Among the great variety of leather available, Crazy Horse holds the leading position for musicians. They appreciate this material for a number of valuable features that make it the best companion for their musical instruments despite the weather conditions and ever-changing fashion trends. Let’s investigate what makes this type of leather so unique and preferable.

Trumpet Leather Gig Bag


What is Crazy Horse Leather?

Although many people mistakenly think Crazy Horse leather is a type of leather horse, in fact it’s the type of full-grain leather made from cowhide. The word “horse” is present in the name for one reason – Crazy Horse leather has been used as saddle leather for a long time, and we call it “Crazy” because it’s much more reliable and durable than other materials.

Being full grain, this leather can boast of weather-resistance, long life-term, resistance to wear and tear, and visual attractiveness with vintage vibes. Due to a special wax layer, the leather acquires its distinctive, rugged appearance. One of the most impressive features of this leather is the way it ages. Over time, the material acquires a special patina that makes the Crazy Horse an ideal complement for the artistic style of musicians.

Crazy Horse Leather


How is Crazy Horse Leather Made?

The unique character of the material has a direct connection to the manufacturing process.  The first rule is using only rich full grain cowhide. Nothing else is removed from the cowhide except the hair. Crazy Horse leather typically undergoes such an eco-friendly method as vegetable tanning. Due to this process, the leather acquires its rich, natural color.

The next stage after the vegetable tanning process is oils and waxes application. This stage imparts the material the distinctive pull-up effect – the ability to change color when stretched or folded. Buffing and polishing come after that, helping to enhance the natural smoothness of the leather. After this stage, the material becomes soft and supple.

Craftsmen also apply dyes and stains in multiple layers that results in a multidimensional color palette. Due to this characteristic, the leather develops a unique patina over time. The final layer of wax is applied to improve the protective features, especially water and scratch resistance.

Why is Crazy Horse Leather so Popular among Musicians?

The Crazy Horse leather has a unique set of features beneficial for musicians.


As the musicians frequently travel, they require accessories that can withstand the rigors of the road. Crazy Horse leather offers an excellent level of durability that makes it a perfect option for musicians on the move. The material remains beautiful in the circumstances of extended tours, stage setups, and rehearsals. It resists shocks, scratches and dents. Also, due to the special wax coating, this type of leather withstands damage from insects and sunlight.

Weather Resistance

Touring musicians often travel across countries with various climates, having their shows in both humid concert halls and on the stages of open-air festivals in hot summer days. Crazy Horse leather is adapted to diverse environments. Despite the temperature and humidity level, it maintains its integrity, providing musical instruments with a high-quality protection.  


Although Crazy Horse leather is very durable, it’s also very comfortable. This peculiarity made it number one choice for producing leather straps, gig bags with multiple carry handles and backpack straps. You can use these accessories for extended periods. The leather is very nice to touch with well-made stitches that enhances the overall comfort.



Crazy Horse leather is present in a wide range of musical accessories available on the market. It’s used for producing single, double and triple gig bags, backpacks, mouthpiece pouches and holders, valve guards, mutes, guitar and saxophone straps, notebook covers for songwriting. Each piece is characterized by exclusive touch of style and ready to accompany musicians on their way to reaching new achievements.

Individuality and Customization

Each piece of Crazy Horse leather is unique. The evolving patina turns any leather accessory into a personal statement. Moreover, the natural surface allows musicians adding a stronger individual touch. With the engraved names, band logos, or other symbols with a personal meaning, the leather gear becomes a real one-of-a-kind thing. This feature establishes a strong connection between Crazy Horse accessories and musicians’ craft. With products made of Crazy Horse leather, musicians are always in trends, as their vintage look is timeless.


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