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Article: How To Choose The Best Flute Bag to Protect Your Instrument

How To Choose The Best Flute Bag to Protect Your Instrument - MGLeatherWork

How To Choose The Best Flute Bag to Protect Your Instrument

Choosing a flute bag you can make neither compromises on quality nor practical features, as the right material, well-thought-out dimensions, interior, and carrying options play a great role in protecting your instrument during transportation and everyday use. In this article, we are going to share tips and recommendations on how to pick the best flute bag.

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If you don’t want to spend money on a new bag after a short period, because your current bag is worn out, consider choosing models made of long-lasting materials. For instance, genuine leather can withstand frequent use, regular travel as well as bad weather conditions with high humidity and rain. If cared for properly, leather can serve for decades without losing its attractive appearance. In some cases, over time, this genuine material becomes even more appealing, for instance, the bag made of Crazy Horse leather can develop a unique patina, which enhances the overall design, making it more elegant and respectable. 

A variety of flute bags showcasing different materials, padding, sizes, carrying options, and designs. Highlights include weather resistance, secure closures, and stylish designs, ensuring the instrument stays in top condition

When talking about leather bags, you should take into account that there are a few types of leather, used for their production.

  • Flotar leather features an interesting exterior structure with grains that are irregular shape. It’s known for high resistance to wear and its ability to preserve its color over time. Flute bags made of Flotar leather boast a rich pallete of colors and long lifespan.
  • Detroit leather offers a rugged yet sophisticated appearance, with a natural imperfections and variations in grain as a part of its unique character. Due to the tanning based on using vegetable extracts and oils, it has a rich color pallete and supple texture. It also resists wearing, providing the high-level protection for the flute.
  • Crazy Horse leather offers a unique distressed and weathered look, associating with vintage. It has the ability to develop a rich patina and boasts water-resistant properties, which make it the perfect choice for musicians who play and spend much time in outdoor settings.
Crazy Horse, Detroit, Flotar Leathers


Today’s variety of flute bags provide you with many options: flute and piccolo bags combining two in one, featuring elegant designs for female flutists, gig bags for two flutes with multiple compartments and a few carrying options, urban-style flute backpacks with padded straps and a few compartments. All these bags come in classic black, elegant brown and bright colors, allowing musicians with various personalities and tastes to choose the perfect option. If you buy leather flute bags, you typically have an option for additional personalization such as blind, golden, or silver embossing. It allows you to add a personal touch to the bag and popularize your own brand. 

A variety of flute bags: combo bags for flute and piccolo, elegant designs for women, gig bags for two flutes, and urban backpacks with padded straps. Available in black, brown, and bright colors, with personalization options like embossing.


The primary purpose of any bag for musical instruments is to protect them from shocks, dents, and negative environmental factors.  Although design, color, and style matters, you should look inside and explore the interior. Check whether the bag has mild and thick padding, especially in the areas around the headjoint, body joint, and footjoint.  If it’s a bag for two flutes, there must be a mild partition to keep instruments isolated from one another.

The interior of a musical instrument bag with soft and thick padding, especially around the headjoint, body joint, and footjoint. A bag for two flutes with a soft partition to keep the instruments isolated from each other.


When selecting a right flute bag, ensure you select the model that fits your instrument, preventing it from moving inside during transportation. Note some sellers give information about what specific flute sizes, either C-flutes or B-foot flutes, the bags are designed for. Don’t neglect reading the product description. Also, pay attention to the dimensions of the bag. Double-check the size of your flute to ensure they correspond to the bag’s specifications.

It’s a great bonus to have external and internal pockets for accessories in addition to the main compartment, where you can store cleaning kit, sheet music and other essentials you might need.

A variety of flute bags showcasing different sizes and compartments. The image highlights external and internal pockets for accessories, ensuring a snug fit for either C-flutes or B-foot flutes. Includes storage space for a cleaning kit, sheet music, and other essentials

Carrying Options

Modern bags aren’t limited to only models with handles for carrying in a horizontal position. You can find bags with multiple carrying options, including handles, shoulder straps, and backpack-style straps. This variety allows you to choose the best comfortable carrying method depending on your lifestyle. Straps should be padded to reduce strain during transportation.  They also should be adjustable to select the length according to your personal preferences. By using an adjustable strap and attaching it to the D-ring of the bag, you can carry your flute case on one shoulder.

Flute Bag Classic Style by MG Leather Work

If you love urban style and want a bag for comfortable moving in the big city settings, select backpacks for flutes, suitable for three flutes, for instance, C, B and piccolo flute.  They are comfortable, stylish, and resistant to negative impacts. Flute backpacks usually come with a few additional pockets, including side pockets, backside pocket for accessories and zipped pocket divided in sections.

Flute Backpack Flotar Leather

Weather Resistance

During travelling from one place to another or extended tours, it may happen that the weather is getting bad with showers and low temperatures. Humidity, moisture may negatively affect the surface and working mechanisms of the flute. Therefore, you should select a flute bag with water-resistant properties. As we already mentioned, due to a special treatment applied during production process, genuine leather has water-resistant characteristics. Moreover, high-quality bags for flutes usually have sealed seams for extra protection against moisture.

Keep in mind that flutes are sensitive to temperature changes. To protect the instrument from extreme low or hot temperature, select the bag with thermal insulation. These bags typically contain a warming layer inside serving as a protection from the sudden change in temperature.

Flute bags with water-resistant properties and sealed seams, providing protection against humidity and moisture. These bags feature thermal insulation with a warming layer to safeguard flutes from extreme temperature changes during travel


You may not want a situation when the bag suddenly opens and your instrument falls out or is exposed to a bad weather. Therefore, high-quality hardware matters. Ensure the model has reliable zippers or clasps that keep your flute securely enclosed. A good option is the flute bag with leather straps closure that provide double security for your instrument. These straps create an easy closure and elevate the overall visual attraction to a new level.

Flute bags featuring reliable zippers and clasps, with additional leather strap closures for double security. These closures ensure the instrument remains securely enclosed and add to the bag's visual appeal.


When you select a bag for a flute, you should take into account many factors, such as material, padding, size, carrying options, weather resistance, security, and design. By considering all these aspects and investing in a high-quality bag, you can be confident that your musical instrument will remain in top condition.

Flute gig bag and piccolo flute gig bag

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