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Article: Trends In Accessories For Musicians

Trends In Accessories For Musicians - MGLeatherWork

Trends In Accessories For Musicians

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As in any other sphere, trends in the production of accessories for musicians are constantly changing, affected by the demands of professional musicians, fashion, and time. Let’s explore some key trends we have noticed in recent years.

Comfort-Focused Designs

Manufacturers producing accessories for musicians take into account the specific lifestyle of musicians. As these creative people spend many hours practicing with their instrument and performing in indoor and outdoor settings, contemporary brands make an emphasis on ergonomic and comfort-focused design of the accessories. When it comes to guitar straps, they are more likely equipped with padding to reduce the strain on shoulders and back during the concert.

Guitar Leather Strap by MG Leather Work

The same applies to saxophone neck straps, designed to lessen the pressure on neck and shoulders during extended practices and performances.

Saxophone Leather Neck Strap


The number of musicians who prefer accessories that serve multiple purposes is constantly increasing. For instance, a piccolo bag with a chain, featuring enough space for A4 papers and a laptop can work for its main purpose serving as accommodation for flutes with C and B foot. Additionally, it can function as an evening bag or a bag for going out.

Flute gig bag and piccolo Flute gig bag


Regarding bags, you can find hard-shell gig cases, canvas and leather bags. The latter can provide multiple carrying options, including handles for carrying in a horizontal position, a shoulder strap for carrying on one shoulder and backpacks, allowing musicians to travel comfortably with their instrument in bustling urban settings.

Hard Case MG Leather Work

Vintage and Retro Aesthetics

Apart from reliability and multi-functionality, musicians pay much attention to how their accessories look. Today, there’s a growing demand for accessories with vintage and retro aesthetics. Especially it’s evident regarding cases and bags, where artists prefer models with a retro look. Trumpet gig bags, saxophone neck pouches, drumstick holders and bass bow cases made of Crazy Horse leather hold a special place, as this material is known for its unique and rugged finish that becomes more beautiful with age and use. The leather develops a rich patina over years, with scratches, which adds a more personal character and vintage aesthetic to the accessory.

Trumpet Single Gig Bag and Drumstick Leather Bag

Customization and Personalization

What musicians appreciate, regardless of fashion trends, are personalized accessories. Musicians can get custom instrument parts, as well as buy leather accessories, such as wallets, valve guards, mutes, guitar pick holders, mouthpiece pouches with embossed initials, logos, names, or patterns. Customization provides more possibilities to express individuality and style through the equipment and accessories. For instance, embossing creates an impression of premium quality products and makes the overall design of the leather more sophisticated. Accessories with personalization function as gifts with a personal sense, reflecting care and attention to the recipient’s interests.

Product personalization

Improved Protection

Musicians are known for their constant touring and travels, so today’s accessories are made to provide better protection for musical instruments and gear on the road.  For this purpose, manufacturers create cases with advanced padding, warming layers protecting instruments from extreme temperature changes, mild partitions in double and triple cases, reinforced bottom and sides shielding the most vulnerable parts.

Trumpet Triple Gig Bag

Color and Texture Variety

The increasing variety of colors, patterns, and designs for accessories help musicians with different tastes and styles find their perfect gear that is both practical and visually appealing. Leather bags for brass and woodwind instruments feature various materials with different size and character of the grain, as well as provide multiple color options to match a personal style or the aesthetic of the band. It can be Crazy Horse leather, developing a rich patina over time, Detroit leather with attractive natural texture frequently used for an urban aesthetic, or Flotar leather with a touch of refined style.



The production of accessories for musicians is constantly evolving to be more practical, functional, customizable, and able to meet demands of musicians with various characters.

Brasswind bag collection by MG Leather Work

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