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Article: Free Embossing on MG Leather Work Products: How it works

Free Embossing on MG Leather Work Products: How it works - MGLeatherWork

Free Embossing on MG Leather Work Products: How it works

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For many leather accessories for musicians, available on our website, we provide an additional option – free embossing. In this article, we’re going to tell you how we do it and what types of leather embossing we provide for MG Leather Work products.

Benefits of Leather Embossing: Why Should You Request It? 

The technique of leather embossing makes a leather accessory one-of-a-kind and unique, as well as transforms any leather wallet or case into a perfect gift for musicians without extra costs. Embossed names or initials can also serve as a distinctive sign and a symbol of your personal brand.

Characters for complimentary personalization of MG Leather Work leather products

Embossing on MG Leather Work products has the following benefits:

  • Visually, it creates the contrast with the surrounding surface, drawing attention to your unique design.
  • As the technique, embossing is associated with premium quality products, which can elevate the perception of your personality as a musician and your band.
  • It helps you stand out and create a better first impression.
  • It makes the overall design of the leather accessory more sophisticated and eye-catching.
  • It contributes to your self-expression and creativity.
  • It creates gifts with a personal sense, highlighting your care and attention to recipient’s passion and interest.
  • It’s a free option, so you can request the service without additional costs.
Trumpet Pouch for Seven Mouthpieces with Free Personalization

How Do We Do Leather Embossing?

We use a set of clichés with letters and figures to leave a recessed imprint on leather. For embossed initials and words, we use the Georgia Font.

Prepared letters for embossing, ready for application on leather

To satisfy various customers’ needs, we offer a few options:

  • Standard (blind) embossing. Figures and letters are pressed deep in the leather without using any color film. This type of embossing results in elegant and sophisticated design, with a stress on natural texture and color of the material. It’s frequently used for logos, patterns, and initials.
Method for adding complimentary customization to trumpet valve guard
  • Embossing with golden filling. To make letters and figures look luxury, we use a special gold-colored film, which is applied inside the pressed symbols. Note that you should discuss the personalization with golden embossing with us, as this option isn’t featured on our website, however we can decorate leather items with this technique upon your request.
  • Embossing with silver filling. For a more modern and stylish effect, we offer silver embossing, which is also applied with the help of special film Personalization with silver embossing is made upon the customer’s request after prior discussion.
Procedure for applying complimentary gold and silver embossing personalization

Regardless of which option you select, we guarantee high quality and accurate embossing on accessories, which will provide durable and long-lasting attractive appearance of your leather goods. 

Important Information

We are also specializing in crafting clichés for logos, which can be applied on your leather products as embossed decoration. All logos are designed upon request. You can tell us about your requirements, creative visions and wishes by writing a message.

Imprinting your logo on MG Leather Work items

Please keep in mind, we apply embossed patterns, initials, names, and logos on parts of bags and accessories during their production. We don’t do embossing on the finished products.

At MG Leather Work website you can request personalized embossing for the following products: conductor’s baton cases, guitar straps and pick holders, wallets, bass bow quivers and cases, drumstick bags, as well as bags and accessories for brasswind and woodwind instruments.


With personalized embossing on leather accessories, you can always stand on trend, capture attention and popularize your brand. Leather accessories with embossed initials, patterns, or names work well as individual gifts. Our company provides three options for this service: blind, golden and silver embossing, as well as crating clichés for logos.

Complimentary personalization by MG Leather Work

For more details, feel free to contact us. We’re looking forward to your orders.

If you’re currently searching for a gift for a musician, check out our ideas of leather gifts. Don’t miss a chance to buy leather accessories with embossing using our special offers.

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