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Article: Top 11 Leather Gifts for Musicians

Top 11 Leather Gifts for Musicians - MGLeatherWork

Top 11 Leather Gifts for Musicians

Choosing a gift for musicians can be a challenging task since instead of limiting to souvenirs and too universal things, you might want to pick something special, able to meet the artistic needs and serve them long in their creative life. For all individuals facing the same problem, we have prepared a list of the best leather gifts for musicians that they will surely appreciate and won’t treat as crap. 

For Trumpet Players

  1. Valve Guard

Available in standard and XL sizes, these accessories cover important parts of the instrument, which are the most exposed to negative impact of sweat from hands, rubbing and moisture. Depending on the model, they could protect valves, a lead pipe, a bell pipe, and 3rd valve slide finish. Due to the genuine leather with the mild inner side, the valve protector doesn’t leave scratches on the surface, keeping the trumpet visually attractive and neat. Leather valve guards are friendly for all types of finishes and apart from being durable and having pleasant-to-touch texture, the genuine leather is available in multiple color options – from restrained to vivid.

  1. Trumpet Single Gig Bag

What your friends trumpet players definitely appreciate is the reliable accommodation for their instrument. Whether they regularly go on tours with their band or just need the bag for traveling from one place to another within the city, the leather gig bag will provide the secure transportation for the trumpet, keeping it safe from shocks, dents, scratches and temperature extremes. Equipped with various handles and an adjustable strap, these bags provide musicians with multiple carrying options, whether they prefer carrying in a hand or a backpack style. 

For Saxophonists

  1. Saxophone Neck Strap

The saxophone neck strap is what all saxophonists will be happy with. The strap helps reduce the neck and shoulders pressure during prolonged performances or practices. The accessory has a reinforced stitch that not only enhances the attractiveness but also heightens the strength of the accessory.  Due to the YKK hook and clasp, the strap is easily adjustable and strong. Your friend will quickly choose the most preferable length by sliding the clasp.


  1. Saxophone Gig Bag

For travelling saxophonists, it’s crucial to care about their instruments on the road to keep them in working condition. The saxophone gig bag will perfectly fulfill its mission, as despite strong leather, it’s equipped with mild layers for protecting the instrument surface from scratches and has additional zipped and non-zipped pockets for accessories allowing to keep all necessary essentials in one place. The feature that your friends will definitely appreciate is the variety of carrying options, including wearing as a bag using handles, backpack style on one shoulder with an adjustable strap and wearing over both shoulders by attaching another strap.

For Flutists

  1. Flute Gig Bag

For flutists, a stylish bag that combines attractive texture with metal embellishments will be the best choice. The bag can serve both for one and two flutes as it has enough space for keeping two instruments simultaneously. The multiple color options don’t limit you in your attempt to choose something matching your friend’s preferences. The flute gig bag is available in bright and more restrained colors. While the main compartment securely accommodates the instrument, all the additional accessories can be stored in the side pockets.

  1. Flute Bag in Classic Style

For classic style appreciators, you should choose the flute bag, designed in classic style, combining visual appealing leather and metal embellishments of “black nickel” color. Such a bag will fit demanding players who don’t compromise the quality in details and musicians playing in renowned orchestras with many years of successful career. Apart from attractive exterior, the bag has all necessary features to protect the flute. The warming layer keeps it safe from temperature changes, so your friend can wear the bag even in very cold weather. The practical handle and a shoulder strap provide a few carrying solutions, helping not to limit only to one option.

For Double Bass Players

  1. Bass Bow Quiver

Are you impressed with how your friend skillfully switches between pizzicato and playing the double bass with a bow, then you must consider buying them a practical and well-crafted bass bow quiver, made of genuine leather and quipped with a rigid frame. Due to its construction, the quiver remains opened the entire time allowing musicians to have quick access to the bow during performances. The players can attach the quiver to the double bass using two leather laces. The variety of colors allows you to choose the best match to your friend’s style.

  1. Bass Bow Case

The bass bow case will become a perfect gift for double bass players regardless of style and experience. The case features the well-thought design specially crafted to provide the bow with the reliable accommodation. The rigid frame helps the case keep its form, soft lining inside protects the bow from damage during transportation and a shoulder strap allows wearing in over the shoulder that is very comfortable in big city settings.

For Trombone Players

  1. Trombone Plunger Mute

This accessory will push your friend’s performance to a new level. The trombone plunger mute helps reach various subtleties by increasing or shortening the distance between the mute and the instrument. Such an approach provides chances for experimenting with mute and natural sounds. Unlike metal models, leather mutes are lightweight; however they cope with the task not worse than metal models. What’s more, the leather isn’t affected by deformation. As the leather plunger has a built-in magnet, your friend can stick it to the music stand and have the chance to switch between various sonic options very fast.

For Drummers

  1. Drumstick Bag

The drumstick bag is a universal gift for drummers of all ages and skill levels. You can choose it for your fellow student, adult or a child. It will be helpful for touring drummers and those one who spend much time in studios. The drummers will appreciate its well-kept balance of stylish leather and practical features. The bag is complemented with zippers in a way that allows musicians to unzip the upper part of the bag and have quick access to the drumsticks while keeping the rest of essentials safe. The bag has a comfortable handle and loops for placing on the tom drum.

For Guitarists

  1. Guitar Leather Strap

What your rock star needs is a well-crafted guitar strap with an attractive front side. You can choose either classic model or the padded two-tone strap. The leather increases the life term of the accessory, so there’s really no contest with polyester straps. To provide guitarists with a comfortable feeling during long-lasting concerts or rehearsals, the straps have a mild foam padding. Multiple holes provide a few options to attach to the guitar in the best way. Also, guitarists can change the length of the strap according to personal needs.

Final Word

Another advantage of leather products is that you can make any of the above-mentioned items even more personalized by additionally requesting leather embossing. This customization is optional, however it could deliver impressive effects. The raised patterns, names or initials of your friends, their band’s name or logo on leather looks impressive and unique. People who like to make a stress on their personality will be happy with such a surprise.  

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