KGUmusic: The Harmonious Origin Story of MG Leather Work

KGUmusic, previously known as KGUbrass, is a leading manufacturer of musical instruments and accessories, founded over ten years ago by two professional musicians from Ukraine, Maksim Gopanchuk and Mikhailo Kuznetsov. They met in 2004 and their mutual passion for music inspired them to create high-quality products in their field.

Initially, the company focused on producing parts for brass instruments, especially trumpets. Their first products were tuning kits, mouthpiece boosters, and trumpet accessories. Over time, their product range expanded to include items for other musical instruments and musicians.

In 2022, KGUbrass was renamed to KGUmusic, expanding its global presence and starting to produce products for drummers, pianists, and guitarists. The company also began collaborating with the largest dealers of wind instruments in the US, Europe, and Asia.

In 2021, a new brand, MG Leather Work, was introduced, becoming part of the KGUmusic family. MG Leather Work specializes in natural leather goods for musicians, such as bags and small accessories, offering a wide range of materials and leather colors. This company follows KGUmusic's principles, offering high quality and a personalized approach to each order.

KGUmusic is known for its innovations and high-quality products, which have gained popularity among famous musicians worldwide. The company continues to develop its products, focusing on the needs and ideas of musicians, using its experience in the music industry to create innovative products