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Article: 10 Interesting Facts About Herbie Mann

10 Interesting Facts About Herbie Mann - MGLeatherWork

10 Interesting Facts About Herbie Mann

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  1. The Pioneer in Playing the Flute in Jazz. The flute was not a traditional lead instrument in jazz, however Herbie Mann pushed the limits and managed to draw attention to it. Due to his skillful performance and personal approach, he established the flute as a legitimate jazz instrument.
  2. Early Start. He started playing music in high school and actively performed with the bands in the resorts of the Catskill Mountains during the summer.
  3. Multi-instrumentalist. The flute wasn’t Herbie’s first musical instrument. He started with a clarinet and then switched to the tenor saxophone, which became his first great love. He took this passion for the sax with him to the Army. During his service, he played the saxophone in an Army Band.
  4. Fan of Latin Music. As the flute held a special place in the Latin music scene, Herbie listened to the Latin jazz records of various musicians, including Machito, Charlie Palmieri, as well as Charlie Parker who recorded with Latin artists.
  5. Variety of Genres. Herbie masterfully blended several genres in his music, including Latin, Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, and Middle Eastern motifs. This variety enriched jazz with new vibes, textures and rhythms.
  6. Cross-Cultural Collaborations. Mann’s interest in world music inspired him to collaborate with musicians, representing various cultures. He was among those who introduced bossa nova to the American and European audiences. His album “Do the Bossa Nova with Herbie Mann” holds a special place because Herbie went to Brazil and recorded it with the best local musicians.
  7. Commercial Success. The fact that Herbie never limited himself to certain styles, helped him to achieve great critical acclaim, while many musicians of his time struggled to push their career to such a height. He created songs that captured leading positions in Billboard 200 pop charts.
  8. Not for Jazz Purists. In the 1970s, Mann’s albums blended jazz with various styles such as southern soul, reggae, funk, blues, rock, and disco. It caused a great resonance among jazz purists, however, it became the powerful ground for Mann’s future success.
  9. Record Label Founder. Herbie Mann was the owner of his own record label, Embryo Records, where albums of many talented jazz artists were released, contributing to the diversity of the jazz genre.
  10. The Creator of the Best-Selling Album. His album “Memphis Underground”, released in 1969, was a real hit, which achieved a great commercial success. Rolling Stone Magazine called it a piece of musical alchemy.
10 Interesting Facts About Herbie Mann

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