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Article: Emilse Rios: Skillful Double Bass Player and Devoted Teacher

Emilse Rios: Skillful Double Bass Player and Devoted Teacher - MGLeatherWork

Emilse Rios: Skillful Double Bass Player and Devoted Teacher

Emilse Rios is a talented double bassist and instructor based in Madrid, Spain, with extensive experience in both performance and teaching.

Emilse Rios as a Musician

Emilse Rios's musical journey began in 2006 at the José Luis Paz Music Conservatory in Maracaibo, Venezuela, where she studied under Maestro Maciej Zlotkowski. Besides music, she also trained as a sociologist, intertwining these interests. She believed that music and sociology complemented each other perfectly, especially within the context of the Venezuelan National System of Orchestras, which views music as an opportunity for personal development on multiple levels, including intellectual, spiritual, social, and professional.

From 2009, Emilse professionalized her studies at the “Latin American Academy of Double Bass” with Maestro Felix Petit; actively participating in numerous solo recitals and attending master classes led by esteemed teachers such as Klauss Stoll and Edicson Ruiz, both from the Berlin Philharmonic. Later, she joined the faculty of this institution. She also played a significant role at the Simón Bolívar Music Conservatory, helping establish the double bass section in many youth orchestras.

Emilse Rios, holding her double bass at a music conservatory, surrounded by musical scores and sociological texts, symbolizing her integration of music and sociology.

Emilse Rios had the fortune to perform with renowned ensembles including the Maracaibo Symphony Orchestra, the Orchestra of the Americas, the Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra, and the Avellaneda Municipal Symphony. She also participated in numerous international tours, including the Lucerne Festival, the BBC Proms in London in 2010, the Mahler Festival at Walt Disney Hall in Los Angeles in 2012, and the Tchaikovsky Festival at Walt Disney Hall in 2014, among others.

Emilse has been invited to perform concerts with various orchestras in renowned venues such as Die Alte Oper in Frankfurt, the Royal Festival Hall in London, the Philharmonie de Paris, and the Palau de la Música in Barcelona, among others.

Currently, Emilse Rios is fully focused on music and passionate about collaborating with different artists worldwide. As a double bassist who has worked with international orchestras on renowned festival stages, she is always open to expanding her collaborations and testing herself in various styles.

Emilse Rios performing with the Maracaibo Symphony Orchestra, highlighting her global tours and performances at prestigious venues like the Royal Festival Hall and Die Alte Oper.

Emilse Rios as a Teacher

In addition to her musical career, Emilse Rios is also an educator willing to share her experience and advice with others. She offers personalized online lessons tailored to the individual level and purpose of each student.

Emilse is ready to help achieve goals for beginners, intermediates, and advanced students. Her teaching covers various musical styles, including classical, orchestral, and popular music.

You can become her student even if playing the double bass is just a hobby. Regardless of the needs and repertoire, each student receives an individual curriculum that aligns with their goals.

Emilse Rios views each student as an individual with unique strengths and works hard to develop and enhance those qualities. She emphasizes developing the musicianship of students regardless of their skill level with the instrument, because the primary goal is to help musicians tell their stories through music. In her online lessons, musicians improve their bowing, intonation, and overall musicality.

Her educational work is highly praised by her students, who appreciate her patience, friendly communication, and effective teaching methods. According to student feedback, Emilse Rios is detail-oriented, objective, and professional, always keeping broader musical goals in mind.

Musicians of various levels find her classes enjoyable and effective for personal growth and development. She helps them progress at their individual pace, improving their intonation and expanding their reach on the fingerboard. Emilse Rios consistently inspires and encourages her students with confidence to move towards their goals. This approach makes her a respected figure in the double bass community.

How to Become a Student of Emilse Rios?

You can also become her student, regardless of your location. You can start by booking a free trial lesson, selecting a day from the available calendar on her website. After your first class, Emilse Rios will provide you with a curriculum based on your needs.

On her website, she also provides basic principles and technical exercises for practice at home, which you can download for free in the lessons category. Emilse shares her tips on concepts for producing a good sound, preparing the body to play, using natural weight on a double bass, and other useful information.

Emilse Rios and MG Leather Work

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Emilse Rios is a multifaceted personality, showing significant achievements as both a double bassist and teacher. She has performed with international orchestras, learned from the best masters, and continues to participate in various projects with other artists. As a teacher, she focuses on developing the strengths of each individual to help them convey messages through their music.

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