Triple or Double Trumpet/Flugelhorn Gig Bag in Flotar Leather


Product description

Our Flotar leather trumpet gig bag is designed to hold two musical instruments at once. You can mix the instruments as you like, using it for b trumpet and c trumpet, a trumpet and a flugelhorn, a cornet and a piccolo trumpet, a cornet and a flugelhorn. The case is equipped with the interior partition, which keeps two instruments separated from each other and protects them from damage.

The double trumpet bag is made of genuine leather and complemented with reliable YKK zippers. A carry handle comfortably adjusts to your hand. The case has the strap, allowing pulling two zippers at once, and the shoulder strap with a leather pad for easy carrying. The double gig bag also features reinforced side straps and bottom with metal legs.

This particular model has a side pocket with a snap fastener. All bag accessories are reliable and firm, made of black nickel. Their quality is significantly better, so they serve longer than plastic accessories, which are often present in cheap bags. They look beautiful and come well with the look of the double case for the trumpet.

The interior design features a very mild material that doesn’t cause a damage to the finish of your instruments. There’re no external pockets, so you can enjoy your travel without fear of losing accessories. Unlike many bags of this type, our gig case has an internal pocket suitable for carrying accessories (mouthpieces, valve oils, note sheets etc.). As soon as you zip the bag, your instruments and accessories are safe and ready to hit the road.

The look of our case is developed by the talented designer, who has enhanced its classic appearance by adding the curved handles. They are the elements, which help this gig bag stand out among the products of other brands. 

The benefits of our double trumpet gig bag:

  • Genuine leather in 3 options and 6 colours;
  • High-quality YKK zippers and long-lasting black nickel accessories;
  • The shoulder strap with a leather pad and a strap for pulling two zippers at once;
  • Reinforced sides with rivets and reinforced bottom with legs;
  • The external design: the neat look with anything more than you need;
  • The internal design: enough space for carrying two instruments, the space is divided by the mild; partition, which can be adjusted or easily taken out for cleaning after the travel;
  • Its dimensions meet the requirements of the airline's carry-on policy. They fit the size limits of the hand-baggage – no extra costs.
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