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Article: 10 facts about Curtis Fuller

10 facts about Curtis Fuller - MGLeatherWork

10 facts about Curtis Fuller

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  1. Jamaica Roots. Curtis is considered a Detroit musician, as he grew up in the orphanage of Detroit after his parent’s death, however, his parents came from Jamaica.
  2. A Destined Instrument. Curtis first tried violin, but didn’t do well, then he wanted to try a saxophone, but there wasn’t one available for him at that time. The trombone became his only option. Curtis admitted in his interviews that he believed the trombone had been chosen for him by the Creator, as everything happened in a way Curtis couldn’t control.
  3. Eager for Self-Education. Curtis had a great amount of musical education, however he also had to teach himself regarding brass instruments. He bought books with the little money he had, tried different things and looked whether they worked or not.
  4. Role Models. Curtis had his own trombone idols, such as J.J. Johnson and Frank Rosolino. Also, he mentioned Tommy Flanagan, Thad Jones and Milt Jackson as musicians who did a lot to inspire him to become a jazz player.
  5. The Life-Changing Meeting. Meeting John Coltrane played a great role in his life, as together they recorded “Blue Trane” in 1958, which became a starting point for further career.
  6. Big Band Player. Curtis never confined himself to small groups. He played with Gil Evans, Dizzy Gillespie, Lionel Hampton, Maynard Ferguson and others.
  7. Devoted to His Instruments. Curtis had been playing on a sterling silver Olds trombone for many years and then switched to a darkish green-gold Yamaha trombone.
  8. No Horns With Triggers. Curtis admitted that he couldn’t play horns with triggers because they were too heavy for him, as the result of his lung operation in 1994.
  9. Complexity of Music. His creations feature complex harmonies and melodies, which reflect his deep understanding of jazz tradition and his courage to push musical boundaries.
  10. Playing With Influential Bands. He played with many influential musicians and jazz bands, including Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers, Dizzy Gillespie's Band, Count Basie Orchestra and others.
10 interesting facts about Curtis Fuller

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