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Article: 10 facts about Håkan Hardenberger

10 facts about Håkan Hardenberger - MGLeatherWork

10 facts about Håkan Hardenberger

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  1. Ears Matter. When Håkan was asked about top tips for daily practice, he admitted that musicians should learn how to use their ears since they’re the most important tools.
  2. Life-Changing Meeting. Håkan Hardenberger considers a conductor and composer Elgar Howarth as his great friend and mentor. He met Elgar, who was much older than his own father, when he was twenty and his career was just about to start.
  3. Competition Winner. His career started to gather pace after he became a winner at the Toulon and Geneva Competitions.
  4. Teacher and Mentor. As a mentor and teacher, Håkan Hardenberger mentions a few trumpet player’s diseases: playing too loudly, not listening to themselves, disrespecting normal musical rules, when they hear something sounding out of triplets or dotted rhythms.
  5. Pushing Horizons. Håkan Hardenberger listens to both trumpeters and instrumentalists. To his mind, musicians should listen to other musicians live at concerts and rehearsals, because even the best recording equipment can’t capture the electricity present at live performances.
  6. Cruel Educational Environment. Håkan learned from French classical trumpeter Pierre Thibaud, who created a very cruel environment. He stopped him every time he made mistakes or played too slowly. It was a strict approach, but Håkan believes that it helped him grow as a musician.
  7. Drawing Inspiration From Nature. Apart from listening to trumpeters and non-trumpeters, Håkan pays attention to natural sounds of surrounding world. He feels depressed that these days people spend too much time with earphones, ignoring birds singing.
  8. Versatility. He is known for his solo performances with world-famous orchestras. He also premiered works by talented modern composers.
  9. Considered As The Best. The Times described Håkan as “the best trumpet player on earth”.
  10. Nervousness. Håkan admits that he still gets nervous before going on the stage. To his mind, it means that this activity still matters to him despite his experience and long music career.
Exploring Håkan Hardenberger: 10 Interesting Facts

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Does Mr. Hardenburger play jazz as well as classical ? Does he improvise ? I would nominate Wynton Marsalis as the greatest trumpet player on earth. Comparisons are odious. Both men (together with Alison Balsom, not to be misogynistic) are great trumpet players.

Tom Roehr

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