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Article: 10 Interesting facts about Ron Carter

10 Interesting facts about Ron Carter - MGLeatherWork

10 Interesting facts about Ron Carter

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  1. Early start. Ron started playing a musical instrument, a cello, at the young age, when he was 10. He founded his first band during his study at the high school.
  2. Active creative life. Ron Carter has released more than 50 albums, including iconic creations of the 60s and 70s, and performed on more than 2,000 recordings.
  3. Long-lasting music career. Ron has been performing, recording, and teaching since the 1960s, so his career stretches across more than six decades.
  4. Talented leader. Ron frequently toured with different bands, including The Foursight quartet, The Golden Striker Carter Trio, the Ron Carter Nonet, Ron Carter’s Great Big Band.
  5. Writing scores for films. The musician has composed music for three films: A Gathering of Old Men, The Passion of Beatrice and Blind Faith.
  6. Bestselling author. Apart from his music, Ron is also very popular as an author. His books “Building Jazz Bass Lines” and “Finding The Right Notes” received huge attention and success.
  7. Active social network user. Ron stays in touch with his fans and fellow musicians via Facebook, where he publishes posts with helpful tips and valuable information for everyone interested in playing a double bass.
  8. Eager to share knowledge. Ron is known for his great skills and enthusiasm as an educator. He conducts workshops and classes for musicians in various parts of the world.
  9. Record holder. Ron Carter is considered the most recorded double-bassist in a jazz genre, and holds the Guinness World Record for this achievement.
  10. Personal approach to music. Carter masterfully combines traditional bass techniques with modern styles. His performance features improvisations, complex bass lines, and rhythmic precision.
10 interesting facts about Ron Carter

Additional Fact: Ron Carter also utilized a Double Bass Bow Quiver in his performances, which allowed him to swiftly switch between playing with the bow and plucking the strings with his fingers—a technique known as "pizzicato." This tool helped facilitate his seamless transition between these styles, showcasing his versatility as a double bassist. You can find similar Bass Bow Quivers on our website, designed to enhance this dual playing style.

Ron Carter uses Double bass bow quiver


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