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Article: Buyer’s guide and tips on choosing a valve guard for a trumpet

Buyer’s guide and tips on choosing a valve guard for a trumpet - MGLeatherWork

Buyer’s guide and tips on choosing a valve guard for a trumpet

MG Leather Work

Keeping a musical instrument in top condition is one of the essential tasks for every trumpet player. Some parts of the trumpet are more exposed to negative impacts than others, and you should pay great attention to them. For instance, the valve casing area is affected by moisture, oil, dirt and sweat from hands, which can damage the surface and lead to corrosion when accumulated.

An accessory like a valve guard can resolve this issue, as it’s designed to cover the exterior surface of the valve casings and sometimes the area around the finger buttons and valve slides. Below, you can find useful tips on how to choose the right valve guard for your trumpet.

Valve guards protecting the valve casing area from moisture, oil, dirt, and sweat, ensuring the longevity of your trumpet


You can find a great variety of valve guards made of genuine leather, synthetic leather, and neoprene. Although synthetic options come in affordable prices, and neoprene models provide excellent protection, leather guards still hold the top position and are favored by most musicians. Genuine leather perfectly resists wear and tear, boasts attractive appearance, variety of colors and pleasant-to-touch texture. Moreover, the inner side of the accessory gently contacts the surface of the trumpet, leaving no marks and scratches. Generally, valve guards made of genuine leather serve for 5–10 years.

Assortment of valve guards for trumpets in genuine leather, synthetic leather, and neoprene, highlighting the durability and stylish appearance of leather options.

Compatibility and Easy Installation

Ensure the valve guard you select fits the model of your instrument. The accessory will provide the maximum protection, without interfering with your playing only if it’s well-fitting and securely stays in place. You should also pay attention to options of how the valve guard is installed and removed. Some models have snap closures, while others are equipped with Velcro, which is considered as an easy and practical closure type, saving you from any mess during installation.

Trumpet valve guards with snap and Velcro closures, ensuring secure fit and easy installation.

Comfortable grip

Valve guards should not interfere with your playing comfort, so ensure whether the accessory has padding and ergonomic designs, tailored to a comfortable grip. You may not notice the difference between high-quality valve guards and poorly-made ones when you play not so frequently or long. However, it may become obvious during long practice sessions or performances. Reliable and high-quality valve guards reduce hand fatigue and provide only positive experience.

High-quality trumpet valve guards with padding and ergonomic design for comfortable grip and reduced hand fatigue.

Protection Level

Different models of valve guards offer various levels of protection, covering more or less of the valve casing area. Standard models are equipped with additional petals to protect the 1st and the 3rd valves from sweat and moisture, while valve guards XL additionally feature a petal to prevent the damage to the lead pipe, when the musician holds the trumpet with a left hand. It means the size of the accessory has a direct impact on how much of the instrument is protected.

Trumpet valve guards with varying coverage, including XL models with extra protection for the lead pipe and valves.


As the musical instrument is a part of musicians’ personality, the appearance of a valve guard is also important. Today, manufacturer and craftsmen offer guards in a variety of colors, allowing a trumpet player to select the one that complements the finish of the instrument in the best possible way. Genuine leather valve guards from MG Leather Work are available not only in classic black, but also in luxury light brown, grey, red, marsala, tiffany, turquoise and other colors, allowing you both to protect and personalize your trumpet. What’s more, with leather valve guards you may have an option of additional personalization by embossed letters, words, symbols or logos, which help make your instrument more unique.

Colorful genuine leather valve guards for trumpets, including options for personalization with embossed letters and logos.


Investing in a high-quality valve guard is crucial if you want to prolong the life of your instrument, preserve its beautiful finish and complement your personal style. However, keep in mind, just using the valve guard is not enough. You should take care of your trumpet, remove the valve protector after concerts and classes to let the accessory dry and allow the instrument breathe. Especially, it’s important for trumpets with raw brass and silver finishes. If you don’t let the valve guard dry, the moisture will accumulate in the protector and under it, increasing the risks of corrosion. We also recommend replacing the old valve protector with the new as soon as the leather is worn out.

Premium trumpet valve guards that prolong instrument life, preserve finish, and require proper care to prevent corrosion.

Final Word

We hope, by using our advices, you will choose a proper valve guard for the trumpet, regarding size, material, aesthetic, compatibility, comfortable grip and other above-mentioned aspects. At our website you can buy leather protectors in such variations as a leather valve guard L and leather valve guard XL. Recently we also published tips on choosing a leather trumpet bag. Stay tuned. More articles to come.

Leather valve guards in various sizes, including sets with mute and mouthpiece pouch, available on our website.

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