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Article: How to choose a leather trumpet case, bag. Tips and complete guide.

How to choose a leather trumpet case, bag. Tips and complete guide. - MGLeatherWork

How to choose a leather trumpet case, bag. Tips and complete guide.

For musicians who constantly move from home to rehearsals and concert venues, it’s important to consider a reliable and portable trumpet case that would protect the instrument from shocks and dents. There are plenty of options varying in colors, size, and carrying features on the market, so it may seem like a challenging task. To help you, we’ve prepared a complete guide on choosing a perfect leather trumpet case.

Brasswind bag collection by MG Leather Work

Genuine leather or faux leather trumpet case

The quality of leather results in durability and your cost savings, since you needn’t spend money on replacing the worn-out, torn and destroyed case after a short time of use. Browsing the options, you can find bags made of genuine and faux leather. Which one is better?

Genuine leather or faux leather trumpet case

The genuine leather proudly holds the position of the most favored option for many reasons, despite the affordable and vegan-friendly faux alternative. First, genuine leather bags for trumpets preserve their attractive design and serve for many years, while faux models may show the signs of wear and tear very quickly, especially when it comes to musicians with an active life on the road.

Secondly, genuine leather bolds its timeless look that never goes out of fashion, remaining the ever-lasting classic. It means, with this bag, you’ll always look in trend, with a good touch of sophistication. Finally, as a natural material, the leather features unique textures and grain, providing your bag with a one-of-a-kind design.

Types of genuine leather, used for crafting bags, include:


Crazy Horse leather

Initially used as a saddle leather, it holds the strength and ability to develop a rich patina over time. During the production process, craftsmen apply special oils and wax to this material. As the result, the leather acquires water-resistant properties. The Crazy horse trumpet bags are suitable for musicians, who:

  • Prefer rugged aesthetic
  • Often perform or practice in outdoor settings, where the trumpet bag might be exposed to rain or moisture
  • Frequently travel with their trumpet and need a bag that can withstand transportation

Crazy Horse leather is also known for its ability to create a two-tone effect when it is stretched or scratched.

Trumpet Crazy Horse Leather Case

Detroit leather

This leather is characterized by elasticity and attractive natural texture.  The natural vegetable extracts and oils, used for its tanning, provide the leather with a rich color and supple texture.

Detroit leather resists to wear and tears well, so it can guarantee the high-level protection for the trumpet. It may also feature natural imperfections and variations in grain that elevates its unique character.

The Detroit trumpet bags are suitable for musicians, who:

  • Care a lot about their personal brand and prefer stylish and expensive material
  • Like contemporary designs and urban aesthetic
  • Prefer a more efficient look
Trumpet Case Detroit Leather

Flotar leather

Flotar leather, treated with a special coating or finish, has excellent water resistance properties and is aimed at long-lasting use. The material withstands moisture and other environmental impacts. Depending on the treatment during tanning, Flotar leather can feature a smooth or textured surface, available in various color options. 

The Flotar trumpet bags are suitable for musicians, who:

  • Need a perfect bag to withstand daily use and travel
  • Prefer a refined style
Trumpet Bag Flotar Leather

Options to consider when selecting a leather trumpet bag

Apart from the material, you should consider a few other things to pick an ideal case for your brass instrument.

Size, compartments and interior

The trumpet bag should be spacious enough to accommodate the instrument you currently use. If you’re playing two or more instruments or planning to learn another one, there are high chances that you’ll need another bag soon. Thus, a double or triple case will work at its best for you.

Trumpet Double or Triple Gig Bag

The bag should not be too tight or too loose, so measure the length, width and height of your trumpet to ensure that your instrument wouldn’t be scratched or damaged during transportation. Pay attention to a product description from manufacturer from whom you’re buying the case.

Also, consider what essentials you carry with you daily. Whether, it’s a laptop, a water bottle, music sheet, music accessories or care products, your bag should have enough space and compartments for these things.

The easy accessible external pockets are helpful, but make sure the bag also have zipper pockets that will provide a reliable storage for especially valuable essentials, such as mouthpieces, documents or money.

Inner pocket of the double trumpet bag

Ensure that the interior of trumpet bags is made of mild fabric, which can prevent scratches of the surface. If it’s a double or a triple case, it should have a mild partition to keep a few instruments isolated from each other during transportation.

Filling of the triple trumpet bag

Carrying options

As a musician, you’re going to take your bag with you on roads and travels, so take into account how you plan to carry it in the street, in the subway, and public transport. Although the carry handles are essential, you might not always feel comfortable to carry your bag vertically. Thus, it would be a good option to buy a leather trumpet bag with an adjustable shoulder strap.

Ways to Carry the Trumpet Leather Case by MG Leather Work

Such a case allows hanging it comfortable on the shoulder while navigating a city and then switching to the vertical position if necessary. The quality of straps also matters, so pay attention to whether the straps are padded. Padded straps can prevent you from feeling strain on your shoulders, especially if you regularly need to walk some distance to the place of destination.

If you appreciate urban style and practical solutions, consider selecting a trumpet case in a backpack style. These models, apart from already coming with one shoulder strap, are also equipped with an additional D ring for another strap, allowing you to carry your bag like a backpack that is an awesome option for busy urban life.

Ways to Carry the Trumpet Leather Case by MG Leather Work

Additional Features

The reinforced sides and bottoms can provide additional benefits for your trumpet case. Made with thicker or stronger materials than the rest of the bag, they help it maintain its shape and structure. What’s more, they provide reliable protection against external impacts, such as shocks, dents, scratches, that can happen during transportation.

The reinforced side is crucial for shielding the important part of the trumpet – the bell. The reinforced part can enhance the whole attraction of the bag. For instance, MG Leather trumpet bags include models with a reinforced side, crafted in the form of the porthole of the ship.

Trumpet Leather Case by MG Leather Work

Another thing that is worth your attention is zippers. Ensure the bag is equipped with high-quality plastic or metal zippers, as they are more resistant to wear and their mechanism stays functional for years. Especially It’s important if you’re planning to wear the bag daily, constantly opening and closing the pockets and compartments. Double zippers provide an additional level of security, ensuring the pocket won’t open accidentally, so if the bag has them it’s even better.

High Quality Zippers MG Leather Work

Final point

When choosing a perfect trumpet case, it’s important to take into account the type of leather, dimension of the bag, pockets, compartments and lining, as well as carrying options and additional features, including zippers and reinforced sides.

Your life is all about moving from one place to another, so the reliability and durability of the bag are not something to neglect. The better protection the case provides for your instrument, the longer you can enjoy your trumpet and make your audience happy.

At our website, you can find a wide collection of trumpet, flugelhorn, cornet, piccolo, trombone, French horn, saxophone and flute bags in various colors and designs. If you’re interested in types of leather we use for our cases and what accessories we make of them, you can learn more about it here.

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