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Article: 10 Interesting Facts About Maurice Andre

10 Interesting Facts About Maurice Andre - MGLeatherWork

10 Interesting Facts About Maurice Andre

1. Maurice André was born in a coal mining family; he spent his early life in Alès, France, which was characterized by strong work ethic and modesty.

2. In 1953, he won the Premier Prix at the Paris Conservatoire that was the starting point of his legendary career.

3. His father, working as a miner and being an amateur trumpeter, was the first André’s teacher. He introduced musical lessons to his son and created the foundation for his future career.

4. Maurice André popularized the trumpet as a solo instrument, playing a huge variety of compositions with it, from Baroque to contemporary music.

5. World War II brought many adversities, including his father's imprisonment, however it made André even more resistant that also defined his career.

6. André collaborated with instrument makers and this close connection resulted in the enhancements of the piccolo trumpet. This instrument was particularly improved for performances of Baroque music.

7. André cherished family life and privacy. He proved himself as a dedicated family man.

8. Apart from being a great musician, Maurice André was passionate about teaching. Having rich experience of working at the Paris Conservatoire, he shared the master classes that influenced many generations of outstanding trumpeters.

9. André enjoyed fishing and spending time in the nature. It helped him as the outstanding musician to keep the balance in life.

10. André released over 300 albums, and each of his recording contributed to classical music and helped popularize the sound of the trumpet among many people worldwide.

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10 Interesting Facts About Maurice Andre

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