Trumpet Valve Guard XL: Enhance and Protect Your Trumpet

Since in the world of music, the attraction of the instrument is as crucial as the brilliance of performance, Trumpet Valve Guard XL is really an accessory that many trumpeters should consider using. Apart from the aesthetic purpose, this accessory can preserve the shiny surface and prolong the life of the instrument.
Trumpet Valve Guard XL was created to provide high quality protection. Its style and dimensions are designed in a way to shield the most vital and yet vulnerable parts of the trumpet – lead pipe, bell pipe, the valves, and 3rd valve slide finishes. This cover saves the instrument from scratches and the damaging effects of sweat from hands, so your trumpet stays visually attractive and in working condition.

As this accessory is made from premium Italian leather, characterized by the mild inner side, it doesn’t pose the threat to the gentle finish. Moreover, this mild material has excellent water-absorbing properties, leaves no scratches, and improves the entire style of the instrument. Trumpet Valve Guard XL differs from standard guards in that it has additional petals to provide extra protection for the lead pipe in the position when the musician holds it with the left hand. The model is equipped with Velcro, considered as an easy and practical closure type that adds more convenience. The valve guard combines a snug fit and comfortable grip.

Keep in mind that the care for your trumpet isn’t limited solely to using valve guards. If you want the accessory to provide the best protection possible, follow the simple rule: remove the valve guard after gigs, rehearsals and classes to let the accessory dry out from the moisture and let your trumpet 'breathe.' Otherwise, if you neglect this recommendation, the guards can lead to the moisture accumulation in and under the valve protector that can result in damages to the finish and even more serious consequence such as corrosion.

The Trumpet Valve Guard XL fits all types of finishes, however when you use it for raw brass and silver trumpets, you must remove the accessory after each practice session to not harm their finish and save their look like in the first day you bought it. Otherwise, you put your instrument at the risk of oxidation. If you consider these recommendations, the valve guard will serve for 5-10 years. As soon as the accessory looks worn-out, you should replace it with a new. Worn-out valve guards do not provide the trumpets with proper level of protection.

Apart from protective features, the Valve Guard XL creates the opportunities for adding more individual touches to the trumpet. As it’s made of leather, it can be complemented with the embossed initials, names, or full names (up to 20 English symbols). This kind of personalization really enhances the way your instrument looks, making it uniquely yours. As the valve guards are available in various colors, including bright and restrained, you can easily select the option that matches your style and personality.

Regardless of skill level and preferable music style, trumpet players can experience all the benefits of the Trumpet Valve Guard XL as a helpful accessory. They are provided with high quality protection, the possibility for unique personalization, the prolonged beauty and working condition of the instrument. However, don’t forget that you should take care of the valve guard with the same responsibility as you care for the trumpet.